This is Unbelievable! Its Like Bob Marley’s Voice Has Reincarnated In Him! Judges Are Left with Their Mouths Open!


The beauty of the contests and competitions, and the shows in which the music industry is searching for talented people, is that completely unknown individuals can really express their talent in front of established and well known musicians. The following example, which is coming from the Netherlands, is something that will make you feel your neck skin crawl, when you will hear the voice of this talented young man…

His name is Mitchell Brunings, and the show is “The Voice of Holland”. And I think that I can say by all means that from the very first moment when he started to sing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, I, just as the judges of the show, started to look for my jaw all over the floor. It is as if Bob Marley’s voice got reincarnated in this man.

Just watch the video below because I really think that every comment is completely unnecessary!         

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