After You’ll See Why She Cuts Cadbury Egg in Half, You Will Run In The Kitchen Immediately!


I do not think that I have to emphasize the fact that the Cadbury Egg is absolutely delicious all by itself. But thanks to certain intelligent and creative people who have that gift to think outside the box, we are getting new recipes that are taking things to a whole new level of pleasure and joy.

One such recipe is this one, that you are going to see in just a few moments in the following video. The woman starts by taking a frozen glass and starts coating it with chocolate. Afterwards, she takes four Cadbury Eggs, yellow food coloring and heavy cream, to use it as a yolk center. Then she continues by adding an ice cream, and finally she is garnishing it with chocolate.

The final result is completely new Cadbury Egg milkshake that looks so delicious. I think that after you will see it, you will run into the kitchen and try out this desert yourself!   

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