Ever Since He Saved This Little Pooch From A Man Who Was Beating Him, They Two Of Them Became Inseparable!


Biker and musician Brandon Turnbow was on a typical daily ride when he something he could not believe. On the highway he saw a man on the side of the road beating a dog.  At that moment both of their lives changed forever!

I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign,” Brandon said on Facebook. “And I now have a Co pilot - Meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

It was a normal daily bike ride for Brandon when he saw something he couldn’t believe he was seeing right before his owns, out in the open on the side of the road, a man beating a little white dog!

The abusive man threw the dog down and took off. Brandon pulled over to check on the dog. So he knew what he had to do.  Mr. Davidson was his new co-pilot, he secured him to the bike and off they went!

He knew he and Mr. Davidson would be together forever. He would never be alone and abused again.

He decided to use Mr. Davidson’s story to spread awareness and help abused animals by starting “Baaang” (Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global).

Lets all join together to make this happen on an epic scale. I know there are a lot of Bikers out there that love animals so how would you like it if we sent Bikers to collect abused animals near you?

To promote Baaang, Brandon wrote a song and made a video about Mr. Davidson and it’s going viral. You can see it out below:

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