Here’s A Heartwarming Story About A Pit Bull Who Saved An Injured Chihuahua From Life On The Streets!


Joanie, the pit bull, found an injured Chihuahua roaming the streets, and immediately knew something was wrong. She wanted to get the poor dog as quickly as possible.

Joanie picked the dog up in her mouth and searched for a kind soul to help her. Despite the reputation of pit bulls, Joanie dispelled the myths and proved just how loving they can be.

Thankfully, as soon as they saw her, people immediately reacted when they saw Joanie with the dog in her mouth. The poor Chihuahua had a severely injured eye and immediately got the medical attention she needed. The sweet dog was named Chachi.

Joanie and Chachi were taken the local shelter and have been inseparable ever since.

These sweet dogs have even found their forever home together, and are now living out their days with a loving family!

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