She Does This Every Time After Shower. The Result is Brilliant. Would You Try Yourself


I never cease to get amazed and stunned by people’s abilities to find new, clever, and interesting methods to come up with something that will give you a chance to do certain things from your home, instead of paying lots of money for it, and still end up with a great result!

Today we are going to show you something that could become very handy for many women who want to have a beautiful curly hair, but who does not want to spend the time it takes to curl it with a heat, or go at a hairdresser. If you find yourself in this company, then you will be thankful to this young woman in the video below, who had found a perfect solution for this problem

Starting with her hair fresh out of the shower, she is putting a heat protectant spray (even though there is no need of heat), followed by a couple of other products to keep the frizz down and for shinning. Then, she is smoothing it from the roots down and combs through her hair to evenly distribute it. Afterwards, she is tying a t-shirt, starting from the base of her neck, and pulls it around the head by using the sleeves to tie down the shirt, and make it look like some sort of a turbine.

And when it is all done, the result is…well, you better look at it yourself!   

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