After Being Left By Her Husband Whilst 36 Weeks Pregnant, This Woman Got An Unbelievable Surprise!


Life is full of incredible stories that are happening to everyday, ‘real life’ and normal people. The following example of this woman’s life story, is a great example of this. After you will listen to her incredible tale, you will feel your heart melting from big waves of emotions…

Amanda was 36 weeks pregnant with her first child, after spending many years trying to conceive, but with no success. So when the merry news had arrived, she and her hudband bought a new home, and it seemed that everything is moving in the right direction. Until the day when her husband decided to leave her.

Needless to say that this was a huge and devastating blow for Amanda, which forced her  to reconsider whether she should stay in their new home, or to leave. Mainly because of the financial limitations she was facing.

But life is full of surprises, and many times, those are the moments that make us feel great for being alive.

It all started with a simple invitation to visit a radio station in Sydney, KIIS 1065, in the so called “Give Back Segment”show, for which she had no idea what was it all about. And that is when the real drama began…

However, I won’t be a spoiler and tell you about it, but will let you find out the whole story yourself by watching the video below. I believe that it will make your heart start melting. 

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